Original publication: 1975, Dutton
Original price: $7.95
Original cover:​ James Barkley
​Working title:A Dream of Green Mountains; A Small and Private Place
Awards / Recognition: National Book Award Honorable Mention; Horn Book Best Books of 1975; ALA Notable

From the flap:

"Awake or sleeping, Kath Rule dreamed of the Green Mountains; of her grandmother's house, which she had not seen since she was four; and of returning there with her mother. She longed for a home instead of a hotel room; for cool wooded heights instead of the hot streets of a little town in southern Ohio.

Then she finds an island of enchantment in the tangled growth surrounding a house that she comes to cherish as a substitute for her grandmother's airy home in the mountains. Yet here, in this secret place, something happens that causes her to look on her closest friend with new and frightened eyes - a happening that she cannot tell even Herb, who is in love with her "at an age," as Kath puts it, "when it is silly to be in love."

In a quietly penetrating story, Eleanor Cameron evokes a richly detailed world in which her characters come to vivid and absorbing life."

To the Green Mountains