Original publication: 1959, Atlantic, Little & Brown
Original cover and illustrations:​ Beth and Joe Krush

From the flap:

"What was it that stalked the peak of San Lorenzo? Some people in Redwood Cove said it was unnatural, that it was a monster, a demon. To Mr. Looper, Curator of the Redwood Cove Natural History Museum, it was an Elasmasaurus californicus. Then, one day, to Jennifer and Tom it became the churnadryne.

It was late afternoon when they set out from the museum to find the creature. Everyone along the way warned them against it, and cautioned them to be home before dark. But it was just before dark when out of the fog loomed the huge shadow - graceful, beautiful, and terrifying. 

The whole town was drawn into the mystery. Just what had Tom and Jennifer seen? There were people who laughed, those who were hysterical with fear, and there were scientists and newspapermen who believed in it. Mr. Looper was to risk his life trying to learn the secret of the beast.

Fans of Mrs. Cameron's Mushroom Planet series will be delighted with this new and excitingly different mystery."

Paperback edition:

Pocket Books, 1972, $0.75


Married illustrators Beth and Joe Krush did the pictures for The Terrible Churnadryne, the first of four collaborations with Eleanor. At the time of Churnadryne's publication, The Krushes had illustrated works that Eleanor greatly admired, the first two books of Mary Norton's Borrowers series in 1952 and 1955 and Elizabeth Enright's Gone-Away Lake in 1957. They had also been the illustrators for a book that won the Newbery Medal in 1956, Viginia Sorenson's Miracles on Maple Hill. They illustrated Beverly Cleary's Emily's Runaway Imagination, a sequel to Gone-Away Lake in 1961, and Those Miller Girls by Alberta Wilson Constant, among many others. 

The Terrible Churnadryne