In 1978 The Court of the Stone Children was turned into a play by Mark Bucci. Bucci had a long career as a dramatist and his work included television screenplays (1953's The 13 Clocks, starring Basil Rathbone), operas (1957's Tale for a Deaf Ear Broadway and 1965's The Hero), and Broadway musicals (1960's Vintage '60 and 1962's New Faces of 1962). Later in his career he turned to plays, writing a 1972 adaptation of the Mark Twain story "The Diary of Adam and Eve." His The Court of the Stone Children play was published by Dramatic Publishing Company of Woodstock, Illinois. ​

​​Original publication date: 1973, Dutton

Original price: $7.95
Original cover:​ Trina Schart Hyman
Working titles:​ The Globe of Time; Some Strange Intersection; Dominique; Time is a River Without Banks
Awards/Recognition: National Book Award, 1974; ALA Notable

From the flap:

"Who was Dominique? The day that Nina, lonely and adrift in San Francisco, played her imaginary game in the museum with the court of the stone children, she first saw her. And soon the question became, what was this strange, beautiful girl? 

The answer, Nina gradually discovered, lay in the past - when the museum was still a chateau in France, when Napoleon ruled; and when Dominique was a young girl!

Eleanor Cameron, author of A Room Made of Windows and other fine books, has woven a fascinating story of mystery and treason, in which the web of the past must be untangled in the present, and the two become strangely one."

Other editions:

  • Avon Books, 1976, $1.25
  • El Patio de los Ninos de Piedra, Ediciones Alfaguera, 1978 (Spanish translation by Manuel Saenz de Heredia)
  • Puffin, 1990, $4.99

The Court of the Stone Children