Original publication:  1982, Dutton

Original price:  $9.95
Original cover and illustrations:​  Gail Owens
Working titles:​  In the Hot Golden Berry Garden; That Will Do, Julia; The Troubles and Wonders of Julia Redfern
Awards / Recognitions:  School Library Journal Best Books of 1982; PEN Young People's Book Award, Special Commendation; Parent's Choice Award list; ALA Notable

From the flap:

"Julia Redfern - and trouble - seemed to go hand in hand. 'Julia never means to do anything - it just doesn't turn out right,' her friend Maisie's mother, Mrs. Woollard, always said. And everyone, from Mama and Daddy to large bossy Aunt Alex, had to agree.

Julia did try, but 'Mrs. Woollard things' kept happening. Riding her brother Greg's bike straight down the hill - and nearly into Aunt Alex - was one. So was giving her big, flossy doll Felony to the grinling, the creature who lived in the garden.

But strange, and sometimes wonderful, things happened to Julia, too. Things that had to do with her father's dream of becoming a writer - and with the people she loved most.

Eleanor Cameron has created a new and especially delightful story about the adventures of a very young Julia Redfern, whom readers have met in Julia and the Hand of God and A Room Made of Windows."

Other editions:

Aquella Julia Redfern (Spanish translation), Ediciones Alfaguera, 1985

Paperback, Puffin, 1989, $4.95

That Julia Redfern