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Eleanor Cameron vs. Roald Dahl

Features links to all three parts of Eleanor Cameron's 1973 article "McLuhan, Youth, and Literature" where she first took on Roald Dahl's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The ensuing letters, including one from Dahl himself, are included. All were originally published in Horn Book.


The Kerlan Collection

Eleanor Cameron's letters and manuscripts are housed in the Kerlan Collection, part of the University of Minnesota's Children's Research Literature Collection. This page features a brief bio and a listing of the contents of her papers.

The Wonders of Eleanor Cameron

A brief but evocative overview of Eleanor's career written by Virginia Johnson at  Librarypoint (Central Rappahannock Regional Library).

The Mushroom Planet Series

Written by Mushroom Planet superfan Leon, this is a lovingly detailed encyclopedic page devoted to the six books in the series.

Eleanor Cameronat Old Children's Books

An insightful and thorough overview of Cameron's career, with some pertinent biographical data included. Written by Suzanne Price at Old Children's Books.