Original publication:  1984, Dutton

Original price:  $13.95
Original cover and illustrations:​  Gail Owens
Working title:​  A Tangled Web
Awards / Recognitions:​  Parent's Choice Award List; ALA Notable

From the flap:

"Julia Redfern is back - and back in trouble, of course, plunging headlong into a forbidden canyon for starters. The canyon is covered in poison oak and, soon, so is Julia. But not before she's gotten into even bigger trouble in her Aunt Alex's elegant bedroom and then convinces herself that magic has been at work.

Dreams as well as magic absorb Julia: dreams of gold to make her family rich, of Uncle Hugh's carefree youth, of a terrifying journey with Aunt Alex's maid, Hulda. When Julia's Magic and her troubles collide, she must make a scary real-life journey in the name of justice.

This new story about irrepressible, irresistible Julia takes place just before the events in That Julia Redfern, and will be warmly welcomed by readers who followed Julia's adventures in that book and in Julia and the Hand of God and A Room Made of Windows."

Other editions:

Julia y la Magia (Spanish translation), Ediciones Alfaguera, 1987

Puffin, 1989, $4.95

Julia's Magic