Original publication: 1971, Atlantic, Little & Brown
Original cover and illustrations:‚Äč Trina Schart Hyman
Working Title:The Birds of Rhiannon
Awards / Recognition: Boston Globe - Horn Book Award, 1971; ALA Notable Book; FOCAL award from Los Angeles Public Library, 1990

From the flap:

"Her room is the core of Julia's world. There she has her desk, her writing and her dreams while around her pulses a world she is not mature enough to fully understand. Her best friend, Addie, is a part of it. Addie, always on the brink of laughter and ready to share Julia's intensities, lives in a nightmare which her brother Kenny tries desperately to escape. Across the backyard lives Mrs. Moore, a recluse who opens Julia's eyes to a larger world while nearly destroying Addie and Kenny's precarious one. Closer are the rooms of Daddy Chandler, continually working on a book he will never finish, and of her brother Greg, who accepts himself as the reincarnation of an Egyptian pharaoh. Closest is her mother's room, yet Julia cannot sense its loneliness as she fights her mother's wish to remarry. 

Julia is going to be a writer. Her room is her observation post and she will not be moved from it, even as she seeks a wider view."

Paperback editions:

Dell Yearling, 1972, $1.25

Puffin, 1990, $4.95

The book was also published in the United Kingdom by Littlehampton Book Services in 1972.

A Room Made of Windows