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Welcome to the Wonderful Worlds of

Eleanor Cameron

Author of The Wonderful Flight to the Mushroom PlanetThe Court of the Stone Children, and The Green and Burning Tree and many other excellent books, Eleanor Cameron (1912 - 1996) was a champion of children's literature. In her 43 years as a published author she wrote everything from a stream-of-consciousness novel for adults to a series of space fantasies, from a fairy tale to a series of autobiographical period pieces, from time fantasies to literary criticism.

As a critic Eleanor lectured at universities and elementary schools across the country and published dozens of essays and book reviews. In her distinguished career she helped found Cricket Magazine, called Roald Dahl "tasteless," and won the National Book Award.  Through it all she was a tireless advocate of holding children's literature to the highest possible standard.

This website is dedicated to serving as a repository for information on Eleanor's writing, with the hope of keeping legacy alive and well. It's a work in progress, so visit often and click here for news on the latest additions to the site